Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Town Alvord

I forgot I had started this blog. Recently, I had a reason to google "Alvord Online" and my blog popped up. Since I no longer have Alvord Online, I really thought about deleting it. But, I thought, why not take advantage of the opportunity to write and to share things about our little town Alvord..... Perhaps I will start doing that.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Last week, I walked out my back door just like I do every single morning.  There, in front of my on my deck was a baby squirrel.  I can only guess that it fell out of it's nest in the tree.  There he lay, helpless...all alone.

No bones were broken.  There were no signs of trauma and while he was not a big thing, he certainly was not a newborn. 

I immediately called my daughter who graduated with a degree in Zoology and who had volunteered at a wildlife rehab center for a few years.  I asked her what I should do....

She said, well, we would put him in an incubator and feed him pet milk with a dropper.  I asked, will the mother not come back for him?  No, she said, that was not likely...

But, I gave it a couple of hours, hoping she would.  She never did.

I resigned myself to the fact that I could NOT just let that perfect little baby squirrel lay there and die.  I had to do something.

I ran to the store and bought evaporated milk.  Warmed it up and every few hours for the rest of the day I fed that baby squirrel.

A friend, who is expecting a child, decided she wanted to take him off my hands and give it a try..she has that wonderful nesting feeling you get when you are pregnant.

A part of me wanted to keep him...to raise him and watch him grow every day and then set him free again in my back yard which has 2 huge pecan trees...

Then I remembered....last fall, squirrels got into my attic and made a mess!

So, I let her take him home.  I don't think I will forget about the day I fed him and took care of him and prayed for his little life.  I hope he continues to grow and be a happy and healty squirrel.